The Arizona COVID-19 Sequencing Dashboard was developed by the non-profit Translational Genomics Research Institute in Flagstaff. It is a publicly accessible dashboard to track COVID-19 variants in Arizona, updated daily with new data from across the state. The Dashboard compiles genomic sequencing findings from various research partners in Arizona into one data-driven webpage.

Our sequencing efforts would not be possible without the thousands of COVID-19 positive samples submitted on a monthly basis from more than 30 different partners, including tribal health entities, healthcare and laboratory partners across Arizona, and local public health agencies in Coconino, Maricopa, Mohave, Pima, and Yuma Counties.

We also would like to gratefully acknowledge the efforts of Arizona’s public health officials and healthcare workers, and to thank the originating laboratories responsible for obtaining and testing the specimens and submitting them for SARS-CoV-2 genomic analysis.

Data displayed in the Arizona COVID-19 Sequencing Dashboard are from sequencing conducted by TGen North, Arizona State Public Health Laboratory, Centers for Disease Control, Arizona State University, University of Arizona, U.S. Air Force and Quest Diagnostics.

We are extremely grateful to the GISAID Initiative and all its data contributors, i.e. the authors from the originating laboratories responsible for obtaining the specimens and the submitting laboratories where genetic sequence data were generated and shared via the GISAID Initiative.

We thank the NARBHA Institute, State of Arizona, and other partners for their financial support.

For inquiries about the dashboard, contact TGen at: [email protected]

Genomes Sequenced by Institution